Professional Landscape Design Services in Mt. Laurel, NJ & Surrounding Areas

Phone Consultation

In your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to meet your lead design professional, and discuss the overall anticipated scope of work for your vision. The purpose of the initial design meeting is primarily to review the overall process of completing a project with us. Here we will determine if our company is a good fit for your project, and schedule an in person design consultation.

In Person Design Meeting

Here your design professional will meet with you on site, and review your intended scope of work. Your designer’s goal is to capture your vision and bring that to life in your very own design blueprint. You will have the opportunity to discuss your vision and budget for the project, based on the overall scope of work, your designer will draft and collect a deposit on the design work. Once completed, all design documents and blueprints will be yours to keep!

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Site Survey

Once your designer has captured all elements of your project on paper, we will perform a site survey to capture the conditions where your project will be constructed. This site survey is designed to capture wind and sun direction, topography, and determine the overall scope of work to complete construction. Using this data your designer may suggest items such as wind breaks, sun shades, fire and water features, privacy shrubs, fans and or lighting to enhance the useability of your space.

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Initial Design Proposal

Depending on the scope of your project, the design process can take anywhere from a few days, to a few weeks to complete the initial draft. When your draft is complete, the designer will reach out to schedule your design review.

Design Review

The design review process is where you get to see the design for the first time, accompanied by a line item proposal. In order to determine your scope of work, we will walk you through the design elements, and the associated costs, make changes and design alterations to suit your needs and budget. Once the design is fully developed and approved, we collect the initial deposit, and begin preconstruction!

Initial Deposit

Your initial deposit may vary depending on the overall scope of work. Typically, we require a 30% deposit to proceed with permitting, material procurement, and preconstruction development.

Permitting and Material Procurement

In this phase we will obtain all necessary neighborhood, township and municipal permits for construction. Depending on where you live, or where your project is located, HOA approvals and or Zoning permits may be required for construction. We obtain, or help you to obtain permits and approvals depending on the conditions. During this process, we will begin procuring the materials needed to complete construction. This may be pavers, natural stone elements, pergolas, pavilions, fire and water features etc.

Preconstruction Meeting

Once your permits and approvals are released to us, our construction professional and your designer will meet with you to review the projects, all of the elements incorporated, and discuss installation procedure for your project. All projects are different, and we recognize that. Our project managers are experienced professionals often with commercial backgrounds. Your project manager will assist you in answering any questions you have on what to expect moving forward.

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Prior to breaking ground you will review a draft of your project schedule with your PM. This schedule is a rough overview of what to expect and when. This is a great time to review elements that may impact the construction of the project and coordinate your needs.

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When construction begins this is an ongoing and fluid process, where you will be in contact with your project manager, and our team to ensure your needs are being met. Your project manager will actively engage you to discuss timelines, safety precautions, and coordinate elements of the project.

Project Close Out

Upon completion of your project our team will review all elements of the build, and provide you a project punch out checklist to ensure all elements of the project have been completed and approved by you prior to turnover. Following the completion of the project your project manager will schedule photography and videography of the project, and a testimonial of your experience if you care to give one!